Journey to Damascus

The mission of the Journey to Damascus is to inspire, challenge and equip the Christian laity to witness for Christ on a daily basis. This will be accomplished in ecumenical fashion through the Journey to Damascus weekend and the fourth-day activities.

Who should go?

The Journey is for Christians who desire a firmer foundation for their lives and for fostering unity in Christ. It is not for theological debate or arguments about denominations. If you are intolerant of those who see things differently, then Journey to Damascus is probably not for you. It is for building faith and community among all God’s children.  Don’t plan to bring work from the office or have hopes of taking an afternoon off; it is a fulfilling, consuming experience.  Come with open hearts and empty hands.  As we focus on our common Christian beliefs while still respecting our differences, we may be gradually and slowly working our way toward truly being one in Christ.

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